Objectives of the Board

History and Purpose

In the early 20th century, the New Jersey Legislature provided specific measures for the State Department of Agriculture to support the formation of county boards of agriculture for the purpose of coordinating policies and programs between local producers and the state. For nearly a century, the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture has assumed leadership in planning programs related to agricultural and rural issues. It has also worked hard to aid farmers in the development of the most profitable and sustainable types of agriculture, as well as help investigate and solve technical problems relating to crop production.

Over the years, the duties and responsibilities of the county boards of agriculture have evolved, but its purpose has stayed rooted in the agricultural industry and New Jersey's producers. Most notably, the county boards have acted as the local arm of the New Jersey Farm Bureau. The NJFB is a grassroots, membership-supported and non-governmental organization. Working together, the county boards and the state Farm Bureau advocate for responsible legislation that benefits the agricultural industry and farm communities. 

Beyond its work with the State Department of Agriculture and the Farm Bureau, the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture also cooperates with Rutgers Cooperative Extension, as well as county and local agricultural organizations. This cooperation is evident at the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture's monthly meetings, where Cooperative Extension agents and representatives report on the work being done to better the agricultural industry throughout Monmouth County. 

Additionally, the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture understands the need to foster the next generation of leaders in food, agriculture, and rural life. That is why it has and continues to support the FFA Chapters of Monmouth County—Allentown FFA, Freehold FFA, and the Monmouth County Career Center. 

The scope of work conducted by the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture reaches all facets of the industry. Our members are passionate about preserving the industry of agriculture and farming throughout the county and state. By cooperating with important agencies and organizations, in addition to supporting the future through FFA and 4H, the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture is working to keep our county and state green for years to come.

Officers and Directors

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the officers of the Board of Directors. This committee is empowered to work on behalf of the County Board of Agriculture's Board of Directors when action must be taken between regular meetings of the Board.

Meg Whitehouse


Jeremy Posluszny

Vice President

Gary DeFelice




Board of Directors

In addition to the officers listed above, the Board of Directors of the Monmouth County Board of Agriculture includes those members who have been elected by their peers to vote as a member of the Board at regular meetings. New members of the Board of Directors must be sponsored by a current member and elected by those present at any regular meeting of the Board.

Membership of the Board of Agriculture

Any person without regard to race, color or national origin interested and in accord with the objects of the organization may become an active member of the Board upon payment of the annual dues.